The Watchman (also called the Guard) is the first and most basic enemy encountered throughout the game, and will appear in almost every mission. The guard is first encountered in Prison Break.


Guards have black hair and white suits. They will appear as a closed fist to the lookout. In every level, all guards are spawned with a preset behaviour, which means a clever player can eventually predict their every move. They may be set to patrol a certain route, to stay in one place, or to patrol randomly.


Watchmen are melee based, meaning they can only inflict damage if they manage to catch up to you. This makes them susceptible to ranged attacks, making guns a popular choice against them. They inflict comparatively little damage to the player, although getting swarmed will result in a quick and messy death.


When confronting guards, it is best to do so in enclosed spaces, where you can hide around corners. A good method is to use the Cleaner's "Corner" tactic, however, if the Cleaner is unavailable, quickly ducking around a corner and shooting said guard has also proved effective. If you are unarmed, perhaps the best tactic is to stay out of their way, as fleeing carelessly through traps will just result in more guards hounding you.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon death, the death message says "{Thief} was bludgeoned by Watchman."
  • They are symbolized by a red fist in the Lookout's view.