Turf War is the fourth mission in The Pickpocket's Story, Act Two of Monaco.

Objective Edit

Retrieve the shipping manifest from the rival smuggler's house. Prepare for a challenge. READY?

Dialogue Edit

Inspector Voltaire: "Wait...I thought the bank was robbed to pay the Gentleman..."

Inspector Voltaire: " that he would smuggle you out of the country."

Pickpocket: "The Gentleman was no coyote..."

Pickpocket: "He smuggled arms, not bodies."

Pickpocket: "His arrest had caused an interruption in service for his friends in Montenegro..."

Pickpocket: "But he had no intention of forfeiting his business to the next in line."

Telephone: *ring*

???: "..."

Mole: "Mole calling on behalf of Mr. Gentleman."

Mole: "Montenegro is Gentleman's. Moucharder can deal with Russians instead."

???: "..."

Mole: "Mole will pay visit to dirty criminal's house."

Mole: "Dirty criminal will Mole shipping manifests. "

Mole: "If not, Mole will introduce dirty criminal to Mole's FREEDOM SPOON."

Telephone: *click*