The Sound of Violence is the first level in the Pickpocket's story and resembles the Hijack at the Hairpin level in the Locksmith's story.


The Pickpocket's recollection of the accident is quite a bit more hectic. Prepare for a challenge. READY?

The objective of the mission is to rescue the Mole. There are three floors to the stage in which to search the Mole for. The crew may only escape by reaching the Mole and escaping with him.


Inspector Voltaire: Your friend already told me everything.

Inspector Voltaire: The Prison Break, the Hijack, the Mole, everything.

The Pickpocket: My friend has a... complicated... relationship with the truth.

Inspector Voltaire: Are you trying to tell me that you didn't escape from prison?

Inspector Voltaire: You didn't rob the palace, the museum, the casino?

Inspector Voltaire: And you didn't kill a man in a nightclub?

The Pickpocket: Not so fast, Clouseau.

The Pickpocket: Start at the beginning. At the hijack.

The Pickpocket: If you check your records...

The'll notice that only three prisoners were listed as missing the night of the prison break...

The Pickpocket:...And the Mole wasn't the only prisoner that went missing at the hijack.

Inspector Voltaire: But we rounded up all the other prisoners from the transport!

The Pickpocket: Are you sure about that?

The Pickpocket: We're in Monaco...

The Pickpocket: Do you really think you can tell the difference...

The Pickpocket: Between the liars, the gamblers, and the thieves?

Hijack at the Hairpin Edit

Being a more challenging version of Hijack at the Hairpin, there are some comparisons to be made between this level and its inspiration.

Similarities Edit

Both levels contain melee guards, but with the occasional pistol guard.

The Locksmith, the Pickpocket, the Lookout and the Cleaner are available to be played.

The Mole is a necessary character to play as to complete the level.

Differences Edit

There are far more guards in this version.

The Gentleman, the Hacker and the Redhead can also be played on this level.


  • The escaping prisoners on the first floor will not react to anything and cannot be harmed.
  • The Pickpocket references Inspector Clouseau, an incompetent detective in the cartoon Pink Panther.