800px-C1M03 Embassy

The Lebanese Embassy is the third level in The Locksmith's Story, Act One of Monaco. This mission is the first to include the Smoke Bomb. Finding coins on this mission is significantly harder then on the previous two.


Steal passports from the Lebanese embassy so you can escape the country. READY?


After releasing The Mole from his prison transport, The Lookout mentions that the group needs passports to escape the country. The Mole, being very knowledgeable about the criminal underworld, knows that embassies have passports and that The Lebanese Embassy is the least secure of the three in Monaco. The Lookout questions his intel, and The Mole tells her that he has pulled such a heist there previously. 


The man who talks to the Mole during Hijack at the Hairpin reappears on the left side of the embassy. Due to the events in that hijack, he is forced to speak in a lisp. He states: "Passporth are on the thecond floor. Name'th Theth by the way."


The Mole: "Dirty criminals rescued Mole. Mole is grateful."

The Cleaner: "..."

The Lookout: "No time to talk...Gotta find passports... get out of Dodge."

The Mole: "Embassies have passports. Three embassies in Monaco. Lebanese is least secure."

The Lookout: "You have intel on this place?"

The Mole: "Mole has done this before."