Scorpion and the Frog is the sixth level of Act One of Monaco.


Explosives on the Yacht appear to have been detonated by an enemy of the Gentleman's. Abandon ship! READY?


The crew are about to escape the harbor and Monaco on the Gentleman's Yacht, La Grenouille, when the Gentleman receives a call from an unknown person (revealed to be Davide) saying something unknown to the Gentleman. The Gentleman immediately tells the crew to abandon ship just as La Grenouille explodes.

Dialogue Edit

Telephone: *ring*

The Gentleman: "Bonsoir?"

??? (Davide): "..."

The Gentleman: "Perhaps there is a way we can settle this amicably."

??? (Davide): "..."

The Gentleman: "I'm sorry you feel that way, mon ami."

Telephone: *click*

The Lookout: "Who was that?"

The Gentleman: "No one you need concern yourself with."

La Grenouille: *BEEP*

The Gentleman: "Our immediate concern should be to abandon ship."

The Lookout: "What? We haven't even left the harbour!"

La Grenouille: *BEEP*

The Locksmith: "My memory is hazy at this point."

La Grenouille: *BEEP*

The Locksmith: "An acrid smell."

La Grenouille: *BEEP*

The Locksmith: "A flicker of copper wire and the movement of desperate hands."

La Grenouille: *BOOOOOOOM*

Trivia Edit

This marks the first appearance of the Police Helicopter, the second non-killable entity.