Scentimentality is fourth mission in Origins, Act Three of Monaco.

Objective Edit

Retrieve mementos of past love... You won't be coming back. READY?

Dialogue Edit

Candide: "We missed them by a hair."

Voltaire: "Always seems to work that way, doesn't it?"

Candide: "Sir? There's something that's not clear to me. Why would the Lookout want us to follow their trail?"

Voltaire: "The same thought occurred to me, Constable. And I have a theory."

Voltaire: "The Pickpocket said they had an inside man in Interpol." Voltaire: "My guess is that they are leaving bread crumbs for that man." Voltaire: "If each of these locations is the key to their their identities..."

Voltaire: "Their man can follow those bread crumbs, and erase whatever evidence exists that connects them to who they were before they were outlaws."

Candide: "Where does that leave us?"

Voltaire: "The seductress met the Gentleman when she was caught breaking into his vacation house. He fell in love with her on the spot."

Voltaire: "The lovers will return to say goodbye."