"Scent of a Rival" is the ninth mission in The Pickpocket's Story, Act Two of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Swap evidence of the Gentleman with Davide's DNA at the museum crime scene. READY?

This mission requires the player(s) to steal four pieces of evidence and escape.

Dialogue Edit

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "My love, what about the museum?"

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "Won't they find something that places us there?"

TheHackerThe Hacker: "...CACCTGCNNNN..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Agreed, it would be prudent to visit the crime scene."

TheHackerThe Hacker: "emptythelitterbox"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "No, not to clean it up..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Tis easier to hide in a cluttered room than an empty one."

(Present day)
ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "While we were at Securitech he purloined a few items of Davide's."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "Stray hairs, coat fibers, fingerprints from his computer."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "It's time we put the investigators at the museum onto the scent..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "...of the REAL thief of Monte Carlo."