Revival is an action that can be performed by both players and NPCs. It restores a dead character, allowing them to once again move, attack, and perform actions. It takes 6 seconds to revive a character, except with the Redhead, who only needs 3 seconds. Guards will revive any of their killed allies as well. Trauma Kits will instantly heal and revive friendly players when used, however this will only occur when the user is in close proximity to his or her target.

The achievement Dem Bones requires a player to revive a teammate in an online match.

Singleplayer Edit

In single player (1 player or 1P), revival does not occur upon death. Instead, the player is given a certain amount of "lives" determined by the number of characters left available. For instance, on the first level Prison Break the player has 4 "lives"; the Lookout, Pickpocket, Cleaner, and the Locksmith.


The decal that is placed where the player died.

When the player respawns (the location of which is determined by where the player spawned or entered the level), a mark is left on the blueprint where the player died.