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The Redhead
General Information
Color Orange
Unlocked Discotheque Rouge
Primary Ability Attracts a single NPC.
Secondary Ability Revives teammates in 3 seconds.
Tertiary/Third Ability None

The Redhead is represented by the color orange. Contrary to her name, she has orange hair and a black dress. Her primary ability is that she can attract a single NPC, the NPC will not harm her or teammates around her, and will open doors that are near her. Her secondary ability is that she can revive teammates quicker than any other class. She can revive a teammate in 3 seconds while it takes 6 seconds for anyone else.


The Redhead was originally a blonde, as shown in her prologue mission. She was originally a common thief that fooled everyone around her (until they saw the glint in her eyes) that was captured by the Gentleman's men. Upon being brought to him, they fell in love since the Gentleman saw her for who she was. The Redhead is later tasked with killing Davide, which she does with horror. During the events told in The Locksmith's Story, she is rescued by the team soon afterwards and joins their gang.


Original: The Locksmith | The Pickpocket | The Cleaner | The Lookout

Unlockable: The Mole | The Gentleman | The Hacker | The Redhead

Special: The Blonde