Quartier Diamant is the twelfth mission in The Locksmith's Story (Act I). In this mission, the thieves steal diamonds in order to alleviate the Redhead's pain.

Objective Edit

Numb the pain. Loot the diamond district. READY?

This mission requires the crew to steal four 5-carat diamonds.

Dialogue Edit

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "...I killed him..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Ma chère, you did nothing that I did not ask of you."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "But I KILLED him!"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Mon petit scorpion, it's okay, you are safe, you are with me now."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "It will never be okay."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Is there anything we can..."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "Diamonds."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "Diamonds will make me feel better."