Player-vs-Player mode (or PvP) is a mode where players are pitted against one another. In Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, there are four PvP missions, each requiring players fight for trophies and escape alone. PvP mode is unlocked after the player completes the mission "Hotel De Monaco". PvP missions are also called Senseless Violence missions.

PvP missions Edit

The following list features all four missions and their individual objectives.

  • Epilogue (four small fortunes)
  • Passport Denied (five small fortunes)
  • Corpse Flower (four small fortunes)
  • Dark and Stormy (four small fortunes)

Mechanics Edit

The gameplay of PvP is almost identical to other game modes in Monaco, however there are some key differences:

  • The Tranquilizer will instantly kill a thief that is hit by one of its bolts
  • Instead of dying, when thieves lost all of their health they enter a downed state that auto-revives them after a short time
    • When downed, a thief will drop all trophies they had when alive.
  • Coins are no longer shared between all thieves. This means that all tool charges are separate for each player.
  • Hidden thieves cannot be seen be thieves out in the open. They can be spotted through their black silhouettes, however.

See also Edit

  • Co-op missions, or non-PvP missions