"Prologue: The Pickpocket" is the fourth mission of Origins, Act Three of Monaco.

Objective Edit

READY? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... you will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!
Like all levels in the Origins act, the objective of the mission is to grab a set amount of coins/trophies before every player dies.

Dialogue Edit

Lookout: "...that's how we ended up in Monte Carlo."

Inspector Voltaire: "Oui, but I enjoy a good story."

Lookout: "..."

Lookout: "Who else have you talked to?"

Inspector Voltaire: "Your gambler friend, the Locksmith."

Inspector Voltaire: "And the dirty man with his monkey."

Inspector Voltaire: "Their stories were a bit... askew."

Lookout: "I will tell you this."

Lookout: "My gambling buddy isn't smart enough to make things up."

Inspector Voltaire: "And the hobo."

Lookout: "Oh, he'll put on a fancy show..."

Lookout: "...But the truth is there if [you] know where to look"

Inspector Voltaire: "Tell me what you know about him."

Lookout: "I know he used to be a rich man"

Lookout: "And that by the time he was arrested..."

Lookout: "...he had sunk to robbing tourists at the public gardens..."