"The Mole" is the first level of the Origins campaign. It begins with Inspector Voltaire interrogating the Lookout after the events of the main campaign, offering her asylum for information on her partners. Voltaire first asks her about The Mole. The Lookout explains how he was caught in the middle of a heist, and his partners left him behind to take the fall. This is the story behind the primary campaign level "Hijack at the Hairpin".


READY? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... You will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!

The objective is to get as much money and trophies as you can, and the level doesn't end until you die. You can only get completion by collecting a certain sum of coins and trophies. In this case, it is 40 coins/trophies.


Inspector Voltaire: "I can offer you asylum."

The Lookout: "..."

The Lookout: "What do you want in return?"

Inspector Voltaire: "Your friends...tell me about them."

Inspector Voltaire: "I'd like to get a sense of... who they are... as people."

The Lookout: "We're criminals."

The Lookout: "For each of us, there was some time at which the law no longer applied to us."

The Lookout: "I assume you know about the Mole..."

The Lookout: "He got caught after the heist a month ago..."

The Lookout: "His friends left him behind in the caverns beneath the museum."

The Lookout: "From what I understand, he didn't go down without a fight."


  • There are 3 people that the Mole can talk to, presumably the "friends" that left him behind.
    • They are implied to be the Hacker, the Gentleman, and the Redhead based on what they say.
    • The Hacker says "wegottaleaveyoubehindkthxbai"
    • The Redhead says "We'll break you out of prison, don't worry my dear."
    • The Gentleman says "The plan is set in motion, mon ami..."