"Prologue: The Lookout" is the second level of the Origins campaign, picking up after the first about the mole. Inspector Voltaire continues his interrogation of the Lookout, this time delving into her own backstory.


The Lookout asks Voltaire if he knows why the gang doesn't play by the rules, or care if anyone is hurt. He answers: "Greed? Thrills? Stupidity?" to which the Lookout answers: "Debt". She explains how she grew up in Haiti during the Haitian Coup d'etat when the president was deposed by the Haitian army. The narration then switches to a younger Lookout, when she was only eleven. Her big sister is telling her that the soldiers are coming, and that they have to leave. The Lookout didn't want to go, and slipped away from her sister to collect her family's belongings, which she had been told to leave behind.


READY? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... You will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE! The objective is the same as the previous level "Prologue: The Mole": Collect as many trophies and coins as you can while avoiding the soldiers. The level will end only when you die, and will only count as completed once a total of 50 coins and trophies has been collected. There will then be a bonus "perfect" objective requiring even more coins, but that's optional.


The Lookout: "You know why we don't play by the rules?"

The Lookout: "Do you know why we don't care who gets hurt?"

Inspector Voltaire: "Greed? Thrills? Stupidity?"

The Lookout: "Debt."

The Lookout: "I'm from Haiti."

The Lookout: "I was eleven years old during the coup..."

(Eleven years ago)
The Lookout: "What's happening?"

Big Sister: "The Soldiers are coming... we have to go."

The Lookout: "I don't want to go."

Big Sister: "There's no time for this... don't bother with your things."

(Present day)
The Lookout: "I slipped away from my sister, unable to let go."

The Lookout: "Tried to collect it all, save what was ours."

The Lookout: "But the soldiers came and took everything."

The Lookout: "..."

The Lookout: "There's a moral debt that's owed to me."

The Lookout: "The way I see it is..."

The Lookout: "The law doesn't apply until I'm paid back in full."

Level layoutEdit

There are multiple safes throughout the level, and pickups like machine-guns and wrenches. The level has a helicopter which will alert nearby soldiers to your presence. There are also dogs and bazooka soldiers, who will fire rockets at you if they see you. These rockets will destroy walls, making hiding difficult as cover is blasted away with each confrontation. The best strategy is to avoid the bazooka soldiers as much as you can, and take your chances with everyone else. The machine-gun makes itself useful to get some breathing room when you're being chased.