"Prologue: The Locksmith" is the third mission in Origins, Act Three of Monaco's campaign. Like most of the Origins missions, this is a representation of a character's backstory as told by the Lookout. After discussing her own backstory, she then transitions to tell the origins of the Locksmith.

Objective Edit

Ready? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... you will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!
The objective of the mission, like almost all of the objectives in the Origins campaign, is to steal as much as possible before being caught. There is not an exit, and guards will spawn indefinitely.

Dialogue Edit

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "After Haiti I traveled to the US under refugee status, and ended up in Las Vegas."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Met a man at the Paris Hotel."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He had plenty of friends there, including the blackjack dealer. "

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "I became his spotter."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Psst. Count's high big brother."

Dealer: "Monseiuer? Your play."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "..."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Psst. Pit boss on the floor."

Dealer: "Monsieur?"

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "Double down."

Dealer: "Oui monsieur."

(Present day)
TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He got caught, I walked out."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "They broke his hand."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "And so the world owed him a debt too. Another freed from the bindings of morality."