"Prologue: The Hacker" is the fifth level in Origins, Act Three of Monaco. It serves as the origin story for the Hacker.

Objective Edit

READY? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... you will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. The goal in this mission is to steal the trophies found throughout the level. Some of the trophies (and coins) are only accessible by hacking a computer and standing by their green icons.

Dialogue Edit

Lookout: "The fella in the cell next to mine..."

Inspector Voltaire: "The crazy one?"

Lookout: "That's the one."

Lookout: "This isn't the first time he's been in trouble."

Lookout: "Couple of years ago he broke into Interpol headquarters."

Lookout: "They caught him snooping through the intel on criminal networks in Europe."

Lookout: "They ended up offering him a job..."