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Level prisonBreak
The Prison Break is the first level in Act One of Monaco. Coins are laid out in the players path and guards only use melee attacks.


Escape from the prison while the storm lasts! READY?


The four original thieves, the Locksmith, the Pickpocket, the Cleaner, and the Lookout, begin discussing their imminent deportation one night from in a prison in Monaco. While the Pickpocket is worried that Hector will be deported, the Locksmith assures him that everything will be okay, telling the rest of the thieves that he can help them out of the prison. The Lookout reluctantly agrees to bring the mute Cleaner along.

The thieves are able to steal away from the prison and escape in a truck.


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After the crew exit their cells, a guard can be seen typing on his computer (line by line). He does not notice the thieves at all and, ironically, complains about the monotony of his job in his letter. Pierre will write his letter repeatedly should any players miss it the first time.
His letter reads:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Life as a prison guard has been pretty boring. Mainly I spend all night just staring at my computer hoping for something exciting to happen. But that day never comes. So I'm relegated to babysitting drunks, debtors, and thieves while my buddies in the force are chasing the real criminals. They all make fun of me. They call me 'white shirt' and because I don't carry a gun they say that I'm a second rate law enforcement officer. Sigh. How are you? How's the cheese farm? Give my love to Estelle and milk a cow for me!


Your 'white shirt' son,


P.S. I'm still having nightmares about Billy. I can't believe you flushed him down the toilet.


TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Psst...They shipping you guys off tomorrow?"

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "Oui. I'm to be deported and they will throw Hector in a zoo."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "Relax chief, I can get us outta here."

TheCleanerThe Cleaner: "..."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The psychopath is coming too? He'd better not make a sound."

TheCleanerThe Cleaner: "..."

Level design Edit

The entire level serves as a tutorial for new players; the first level cannot be lost no matter what players do, since Pierre is the only enemy and cannot be interacted with. The first level consists of a prison block leading to a dug-out hole and the exit to the second level. The second level can only be lost if the players find the secret passageway to the left of the exit. Otherwise, guards are unable to attack the player(s) even if they trigger the alarm (which can be disabled with the keypad).

The third level introduces stealth and the cone-of-vision mechanic, with two guards patrolling the area. Players either avoid the guards or escape their grasp and head into the exit truck through the building.