Place Du Palais is the fourteenth campaign mission in The Locksmith's Story (otherwise known as Campaign Act 1). In it, the thieves steal from the royal place.


Rob the Prince of Monaco blind. Do you need a reason? READY?

This mission requires the player(s) to steal coins from the palace and then escape.

Dialogue Edit

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "That night was to be our last night in the Riviera."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "We booked the Diamond Suite at the Hôtel de Paris..."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "And we all sat down to watch the local news scramble to cover our escapades. "

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "All of us except The Hacker, who was still poring over the security data we stole from Securitech..."

TheHackerThe Hacker: "casinodiscotequegallery"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Shhh! They're talking about us!"

TheHackerThe Hacker: "easymoneysofttargets"

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "Soft targets? I'm listening."

TheHackerThe Hacker: "lowsecurityattheroyalpalace"

TheHackerThe Hacker: "getingetoutgetrich"

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "We weren't putting up a fight anymore."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "Freedom was a thousand miles away..."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "...But the money was right here in Monaco."