The Pickpocket
General Information
Color Yellow
Unlocked Unlocked by default
Primary Ability Can collect coins from afar with his monkey, Hector.
Secondary Ability Hides in bushes in 0.33 seconds.
Tertiary/Third Ability None

  The Pickpocket is represented by the color yellow. He has a big burlap sack and has a pet monkey named Hector. His unique ability is to reach coins from afar with the help of his pet monkey, Hector. Hector won't alert guards or trigger alarms. This makes The Pickpocket the only class that has a passive ability. His secondary ability is that he can hide in bushes in 0.33 seconds unlike the other classes who hide in 1.00 seconds. He is available from the start and is the narrator of the second campaign.


When speaking to Inspector Voltaire after his arrest, the Pickpocket tells the inspector that he holds no signs of loyalty, and describes himself as "pragmatic".

Story InvolvementEdit

The Locksmith's StoryEdit

In "Prison Break" the Pickpocket admits he is getting sent away to a unknown place, and goes along with the Locksmith's plan to escape the Prison.
In the Locksmith's Story, he is shown to care for his monkey, Hector, as seen in Centre Hospitalatier.  The Pickpocket is also a very detailed man, making sure to never miss a point.  Whether he is telling the entire truth with his story is unclear, but he provides evidence to Inspector Voltaire of things which the investigators have not made notice of.


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