"One Last Job" is the fourteenth mission in The Pickpocket's Story.

Objective Edit

The Gentleman's remaining assets are held at the Casino. Prepare for a challenge. READY?

Dialogue Edit

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "All of my assets..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Scattered to the wind."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Auctioned, repatriated, put on display, gambled away."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "But with the help of mes amis, I am nearly whole again."

TheMoleThe Mole: "Mole will finish the job."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "What's left?"

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "What will make you whole again?"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Some items of particular value to me..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "...Were bought at auction by Davide."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "They are currently on display at the Casino."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "But darling, everyone at the Casino knows Davide..."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "If we rob it, someone will see us and they'll know that he's not responsible for our crimes."

TheMoleThe Mole: "Casino security too tight."

TheMoleThe Mole: "Even mole can't rob Casino."

TheHackerThe Hacker: "alwaysbetonthehouse"

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "The Gentleman knew that robbing Casino was crazy..."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "Only someone that wasn't worried about getting caught would go along with the plan."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "The rest of us didn't speak up..."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "... And the fact that we made it out of the Casino alive..."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "...was proof positive that someone was letting him get away with his crimes."