Musee Oceanographique is the tenth campaign mission in The Locksmith's Story (otherwise known as Campaign Act I). In this mission, the crew must clean up evidence from a heist the Gentleman pulled one month prior.


Help The Gentleman clean up evidence from a heist he pulled one month prior. READY?


The crew is all ready to leave when the Gentleman mentions an opportunity. He then convinces the crew to help him clean up evidence at the Ocean Museum in return for whatever loot they can carry.

Pierre's hideout Edit

Pierre can be found in his hideout directly above the beginning boat (in Enhanced mode) or in the upper right hand corner of the map (in Classic mode and Zombie mode). He is now an Agent whose first assignment is at the oceanographic museum. Pierre's letter reads:

Dear Mom and Dad,
I own a machine gun!
That's right, a machine gun.
It seems like I get fired from every job I take because those thieves come in and rob the place. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I applied for a job at a private security firm, and they accepted my application! I had to buy my own gun, but at least they issued me some mean looking sunglasses. My first deployment was to the oceanographic museum.
What are the odds!
Really making me inspired to go home and dig a hole for a koi pond.
I sure hope those thieves show up, I'll make them into swiss cheese!
Your 'semi-automatic' son,

Dialogue Edit

Locksmith: "Our work here is done."

Lookout: "Time for the smuggler to fulfill his side of the deal and get us out of the country."

Pickpocket: "Hector and I are looking forward to Beirut..."

Cleaner: "..."

Gentleman: "Just so, just so."

Gentleman: "...But..."

Gentleman: "It seems like a shame to pass up an opportunity..."

Locksmith: "I'm listening."

Gentleman: "One month ago, some items of historical significance were stolen from the Musée Océanographique."

Hacker: "marcopolomarcopolo"

Gentleman: "Investigators are still scouring the scene for evidence that will reveal the identity of the four thieves."

Gentleman: "Should they continue to search, I'm sure that evidence will be found."

Locksmith: "You want us to help you clean up a month old crime scene?

Hacker: "whatarefriendsfor"

Lookout: "What do we get in return?"

Gentleman: "Whatever would look good on your mantelpiece."

Zombie mode differences Edit

In Zombie mode, most agents are replaced by Bloaters and some Wretches roam around the area. Pierre is turned into a Wretch as well, and his letter's contents are different. It reads:

BRAINS brains brains Brains brAINS.