The Locksmith
General Information
Color Blue
Unlocked Unlocked by default
Primary Ability Unlocks doors and safes faster.
Secondary Ability Opens cash registers and ATMs faster.
Tertiary/Third Ability None

The Locksmith is a blue-collar infiltration expert who sports a handlebar mustache and a blue cap. He is three times faster than any other class at picking locks, including ATMs and safes. As a result, he can open regular doors and cash registers in one second, and security doors and safes in two. He is available from the beginning of the game.


He is a criminal just like any member of the Gentleman's crew. His profession at lockpicking anything that could be lockpicked eventually ended with him to be part of his leader's clever but treacherous plan. He has some innocent thoughts about the Gentleman at first, but then starts to wonder if he's really the guy he thinks he is.

Storyline Involvement Edit

In "Prison Break" the Locksmith is the first character to mention "escaping" the prison before getting shipped off to a unknown place.


Original: The Locksmith | The Pickpocket | The Cleaner | The Lookout

Unlockable: The Mole | The Gentleman | The Hacker | The Redhead

Special: The Blonde