"Liquidity" is the third mission in The Pickpocket's Story, Act Two of Monaco.

Objective Edit

The Gentleman's only liquid assets are hidden deep in Banque Albert. Prepare for a challenge. READY?

Dialogue Edit

Pickpocket: "Intel from the embassy showed that the Gentleman's assets."

Pickpocket: "...had been scattered to the wind."

Gentleman: "My artwork auctioned."

Gentleman: "Family hierlooms held by government swine."

Gentleman: "Donner la confiture aux cochons."

(Present day)
Pickpocket: "But he still had paper..."

Pickpocket: "Stacked neatly in a safety deposit box."

Hacker: "accountnumber644532986541dash0"

Redhead: "Darling, why don't we just go make a withdrawal."

Redhead: "Give our present monetary situation..."

Redhead: "It seems that the mattress would be an attractive alternative to the bank."