The level editor (called The Mole's Workshop in-game) is a feature found in Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. The level editor allows the player to create their own Monaco levels using the Steam Workshop.

Basics Edit

The level editor contains several features including the ability to design a fully functional level with electronics, guards, hazards, and loot!

The level editor is navigated using the WASD keys (by default) to use the tile menu and the Arrow Keys (by default) to move the cursor around the level board.

There are a number of layers that handle aspects of levels such as AI for enemies, loot, and obstacles.


Enemy AI Edit

Main article: Stealth

Levels Edit


After a level is completed, the game will translate game objects into a part of the background for the level screen. All levels follow this rule with the exception of some campaign levels (which have their own unique, pre-built backgrounds).

Tutorial Edit

For those wanting a more comprehensive guide, a Steam user has created a guide for the workshop.