Inspector Voltaire is an antagonist in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine. A member of Monaco's police force, he hunts the thieves where ever they go. The inspector is introduced in "The Sound of Violence".

Story involvement Edit

Very little is known about the inspector before the events in the game. He works for Securitech, owned by Davide, in an attempt to apprehend the thieves. Dialogue in "Royal Flush" suggests that he has contacts in Interpol. Throughout the game, he interrogates the Locksmith, the Pickpocket, and the Lookout. In Act IV, "Fin", he teams up with constable Candide.

Trivia Edit

  • The Inspector was originally supposed to be a class in the game. His ability was to be able to call in reinforcements, but eventually this idea was scrapped.
    • There is a section in the game's code that reads: "Radio: Inspector VOLTAIRE can call for backup when he's hot on the trail"