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"Hijack at the Hairpin" is the second level in Campaign One of Monaco. This level is the first to include weapons and as such serves as a tutorial for weapons.


The Mole is connected to the criminal underworld. Rescue him from the hijacked prison transport. READY?


After breaking out of the Prison, the four criminals decide that they need friends in the outside world. Thinking back on his time spent in the Prison, The Locksmith remembers that there was a guy there who goes by The Mole who's connected to the criminal underworld. With information that he is being transported to Clairvaux by bus, the group decides to hijack the transport and break him out so that he may aid them in their escape from Monaco. 


TheLocksmith.pngThe Locksmith: "We need passports..."

ThePickpocket.pngThe Pickpocket: ""

TheLookout.pngThe Lookout: "...friends..."

TheCleaner.pngThe Cleaner: "..."

TheLocksmith.pngThe Locksmith: "You guys remember the thick fella from Cell Block B?"

TheLookout.pngThe Lookout: "The one who dug the tunnel?"

(Flash back)
TheMole.pngThe Mole: "Nobody locks up Mole. Mole has FREEDOM SPOON."

TheLocksmith.pngThe Locksmith: "Yeah... apparently he's connected. Interpol is transferring him to Clairvaux by bus. If we can hijack that prison transport...We should have all the friends we'll ever need..."