Hidden in Squalor is the seventh mission in Fin, the final act of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Disappear into the slums of Port-au-Prince! READY?

Dialogue Edit

Candide: "How are they doing it sir? You've predicted every crime scene, and yet they walk away unscathed."

Voltaire: "You need not concern yourself with that, Candide."

Voltaire: "What I need you to do right now is trust me."

Candide: "Sir?"

Voltaire: "We're going to need assumed names, passports."

Candide: "What for?"

Voltaire: "We're going to Haiti, Candide."

Candide: "Sir?"

Voltaire: "They'll hide in the squalor, steal just enough to survive, and when they're done..."

Voltaire: "They'll disappear for good."

Candide: "Why do we need to go under assumed names, sir?"

Voltaire: "Their man at Lyon is tracking us. They are playing us like marionettes."

Voltaire: "If we are to apprehend them, we must arrive in Haiti with no strings attached."