The Gentleman
General Information
Color Teal
Unlocked Mansion Moucharder
Primary Ability Wears a permanent disguise
Secondary Ability Escapes faster: 1 second in an Ambulance and van, and 3 seconds in a car
Tertiary/Third Ability Picks up a disguise in 0.33 seconds.

The Gentleman is represented by the color teal. He has a cane, beard, and bears a striking resemblance to "The Most Interesting Man In The World ". His ability is that he wears a disguise that he can regain by being hidden for 3 seconds. He is the second class you unlock, and you find him in his mansion in the level Mansion Moucharder.

Abilities Edit

The Gentleman's special disguise has only 6 ticks, while a normal disguise has 24 ticks, making getting a normal disguise a better option. His secondary ability is that he can get into getaway vehicles quicker than any other class can. He can get into an ambulance or van in 1 second and a car in 3 seconds, while the other classes take 3 and 6 seconds respectively. His disguise will flash white if he is being detected and deteriorate according to how many people are watching him as well as how close they are. The disguise will deteriorate faster with fewer people watching from farther away.


The Gentleman is a manipulative, cold and calculating thief who has different personalities in both The Locksmith and The Pickpocket's recollections.  The one thing which remains unanimous among the two is that The Gentleman is a selfish individual who managed to put the Locksmith, the Lookout, the Pickpocket and The Cleaner into custody after he managed to clear his name and escape.

Storyline involvementEdit

In the Locksmith's story, the Gentleman seems to be in the cause of everyone else right up until the end, where he then reveals that he manipulated the initial party to help his cause.  He has a way with words and proceeds to continuously take advantage of the initial party's greed to get his way and make himself rich in the process.

In the Pickpocket's story, the Gentleman is a rather straight man who asks the party to do what he wants, but rather than convince the party to do what he wants, the Gentleman simply gives orders and when he is asked about it, tells the party to stop asking questions and get on with the job.


Original: The Locksmith | The Pickpocket | The Cleaner | The Lookout

Unlockable: The Mole | The Gentleman | The Hacker | The Redhead

Special: The Blonde