Foreign Affairs is the second level in The Pickpocket's Story.

Objective Edit

The Gentleman is searching for intel on his confiscated assets. Prepare for a challenge.

This level requires the player to steal one shipping manifest, which is represented in-game as a trophy. Players spawn on the ground floor and must steal the shipping manifest on the office floor in order to proceed to an exit. The exit for this level is located on the ground floor, as a truck.

Dialogue Edit

Inspector Voltaire: So you're saying that the Gentleman, the Hacker, and the Redhead were also on that bus?

The Pickpocket: They were.

The Pickpocket: They were jailbirds, like us.

The Pickpocket: The Redhead has spent money that wasn't hers, and the Hacker was... well he got caught hacking.

The Pickpocket: The Gentleman? Shadier activities.

The Pickpocket: After his arrest, his considerable wealth had been confiscated by the government.

The Pickpocket: As a Lebanese national, most of his liquid assets were being repatrioted.

The Pickpocket: So the embassy was the first clue as to where his riches were being held.