"Epilogue:The Cleaner" is the final level of Origins, Act Three of Monaco.

Objective Edit

READY? Foreclosure cometh. Collect the debts and escape unscathed.
Unlike the other missions in the Origins act, the objective of the mission is like any other: take the trophies and leave. As usual, any non-trophy pick-ups are optional, but missing any will add to the player's time at the end.

Level layout Edit

As with all Origins missions, the only playable character is the titular character of the mission. In this case, the only option available is the Cleaner (Origins is the only Act where more than one player can be the same character). In addition, enemies will continue to spawn as the level progresses. This particular level has two floors: Ground Floor and Helipad. The former is the floor where the player spawns, and is the hardest part of the mission. The second floor is relatively easier, with only 5 coins and very few guards.

Dialogue Edit

Inspector Voltaire: "And the Cleaner?"

Inspector Voltaire: "Where did he come from?"

Inspector Voltaire: "What imaginary debt is he owed?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He isn't owed a debt."

Inspector Voltaire: "Well then what makes him steal?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Cleaner is collecting debts on behalf of his brother"

Inspector Voltaire: "A brother?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Cleaner was born with a twin."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "His brother's mind moves too fast, can't really control himself. He's broken."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Cleaner's mind doesn't appear to move at all."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He doesn't feel pain or betrayal, doesn't believe in fairness"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He's here to balance the equation."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "If the world has gone bankrupt..."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Cleaner will foreclose."

Inspector Voltaire: "Ominous. Where is he?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Check the papers."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Was the fire department busy last night?"

Inspector Voltaire: "Yes... I believe they were."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Cleaner is settling debts."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Now... are you ready to talk about asylum?"