"Epilogue" is the last mission in Act I, The Locksmith's Story. This level is a multiplayer level that introduces Player-versus-Player (PvP) mechanics. As such, players must compete to get the five trophies and exit the level.

Playable charactersEdit

The only playable characters are the supposed "rats" that betrayed the Locksmith during the level "Hotel De Monaco". These are:

Objective Edit

The epilogue is meant for multiplayer parties only. Take what is yours and escape alone! READY?

Unlike cooperative levels, players must steal all four trophies on the level and escape on the rescue vehicle alone. Killing/incapacitating other players will cause them to spawn a self-reviving corpse and drop their trophies.

Dialogue Edit

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "They're still out there, y'know."

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "They'll offer penance to whatever god they believe in... "

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "...And then they'll sin again. "

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "A scorpion can't escape his nature. "

TheLocksmithThe Locksmith: "And rats will eat their own..."

Trivia Edit