Enhanced mode is a game mode for Monaco. It is effectively a re-working of the original two campaigns, designed as a way to combat the high attrition rate of players. Enhanced mode has two basic changes to classic mode: levels have been shortened and streamlined to improve the player's experience, and new features were added into the original two campaigns. The developers described their rationale for these changes in a blog entry. Enhanced mode is the default mode upon first starting the game.

Gameplay differences Edit

Enhanced mode differs significantly from Classic mode and Zombie mode, both of which lack the following:

  • Key doors (which require a key to open but stay permanently unlocked)
  • Cash in pockets (a cash icon replaces the previous mechanic of having an NPC stand on a coin; now, cash will follow NPCs as if it is in their pockets)
  • Redesigned level layouts

Game Modes

Classic | Enhanced | Zombie