The crew face several enemies found in Monaco: the police force, civilians, and a hoard of zombies (depending on the game mode). The police force is composed of the melee-based Watchman, the single-shot Policeman, the hungry Dog, the near-omnipotent Helicopter, the Doctor, Agents, and the shotgun-toting Gendarme. The zombies are composed of the Wretch and the Bloater, both of which are melee based.

There is also an unnamed enemy that has the Rocket Launcher.

Classic / Enhanced mode Edit

The police force are the main antagonists in Classic mode and Enhanced mode. The police force are assisted by Civilians, which do not attack but alert guards of suspicious people.

On certain levels, there is also the unnamed Rocket Launcher enemy. This enemy is first encountered in the level Prologue: The Lookout. This enemy is not part of the police force and appears to be part of a rebel group. Once spotted, this enemy will shoot to kill players and blow up the last sighting of the player. If hit, players will take a half-health's worth of damage. The game's code implies that this character is named "Peacekeeper", however there is no reason to tell since the game cannot detect when the enemy kills players.

Zombie mode Edit

Having been infected with the zombie epidemic, Monaco is now overrun with zombies. The Wretch replaces all enemies except the Watchman, Policeman, Doctor, Agent, and Gendarme. Bloaters replaces these enemies. Wretches act like Dogs, but do not sniff out players. Bloaters explode on contact with players, but can be imploded if killed. Unlike human players, zombies can be killed in instances where humans would normally be knocked unconscious. This means that the Cleaner can kill zombies silently rather than wake them up and so can the Tranquilizer weapon.