"Drowned Rats" is the sixth mission in The Pickpocket's Story, Act Two of Monaco. The level is the Pickpocket's point of view of "Scorpion And The Frog", wherein the Gentleman's yacht is blown up.

Objective Edit

The yacht has been obliterated. Escape! READY?

Dialogue Edit

Pickpocket: "The Gentleman was the perfect criminal because he had no need for validation."

Pickpocket: "He was a magician with only two acts."

Inspector Voltaire: "You're referring to the Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige?"

Inspector Voltaire: "I've seen the movie."

Pickpocket: "Yes... Let me be explicit."

Pickpocket: "Act One: The magician hides in plain sight and tells you his intention."

Pickpocket: "Act Two: The magician disappears"

Pickpocket: "Act Three: The magician reappears and takes a bow."

Pickpocket: "The bank robbery and the arms smuggling..."

Pickpocket: "That was Act One."

Gentleman: "Blow it up."

Mole: "Huh?"

Gentleman: "Light the match. Blow up the yacht. Blow up the weapons."

Mole: "Mole not understand."

Gentleman: "Mole doesn't need to understand. Blow it up."

(Present day)
Pickpocket: "Thus began Act Two."