Discotheque Rouge is the eleventh mission in The Locksmith's Story, Act One of Monaco's campaign. In this mission, the thieves rescue the Redhead from a crime scene in a disco (hence the name Discotheque Rouge, or "red disco"). This is the first mission where the Redhead is introduced and is playable.


Rescue The Redhead from Davide's murder scene at the nightclub. READY?

The player(s) must rescue the Redhead from the club. There are a number of coins on the level that can be grabbed, however not all coins are necessary to complete the level. One player must reach the Redhead, thus switching characters, and escape the area.

Dialogue Edit

Locksmith: "Somehow The Gentleman had made us lose sight of our goal."

Locksmith: "I don't know why we kept accepting his 'opportunities'..."

Locksmith: "Part of me thinks it was just in our nature to be seduced by crime."

Locksmith: "The Lookout was a team player."

Locksmith: "The Pickpocket was quietly getting rich."

Locksmith: "And I think The Cleaner just liked hurting people."

Cleaner: "..."

Locksmith: "But none of us expected that three days later..."

Locksmith: "We would be picking up The Gentleman's girlfriend from a nightclub..."

Locksmith: "While she stood over Davide's corpse."

Trivia Edit

  • The original name for Discotheque Rouge was "Jimmyz", after the real life club in Monte Carlo.[1]

References Edit

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