Corpses are interactables created when any NPC or player dies in certain circumstances. Teammates of a corpse, whether human or guard, can revive the corpse by interacting with it for a few seconds. Players can also move corpses by walking into them and kicking.

Revival exceptions Edit

Being killed through certain means will prevent killed NPCs from spawning corpses. Being blown up by C4 (both the item and C4 found in the environment), an RPG or a Bloater's death explosion (in Zombie mode) will kill an NPC without spawning a corpse.

In Zombie mode, killed zombies will not spawn corpses, meaning that any killed zombie will remain dead.

Gameplay Edit

Player corpses Edit

When a player dies in multiplayer mode, a corpse is placed on the tile where they died. Players who are dead cannot interact with the world around them, and must wait for other players to revive them. Revival is automatically performed when a player, or players, walks near or into another player's corpse. Revival can

NPC corpses Edit

Corpses spawned by killed NPCs (not corpses used as level decoration) can be revived by another NPC. Doing so will spawn a fresh NPC of the same type that died, which will act confused for a few moments before returning to its station or patrol. When spotted by an NPC, corpses will spawn an exclamation mark (!) on themselves and the NPC will rush to revive the fallen. Revival is treated like any other interaction, and thus the NPC performing it functions like a stationary NPC.

Unlike player-spawned corpses, NPC corpses can be pushed around by players and can be grouped up. Corpses will also allow players to prop open doors (including scanner doors and locked doors, which cannot be locked with a corpse on its tile), ladders, bushes, and exits.