The Cleaner
General Information
Color Pink
Unlocked Unlocked by default
Primary Ability Knocks out NPCs only if aren't targeted with red question marks
Secondary Ability Heals faster than anyone with med-packs
Tertiary/Third Ability None

 The Cleaner is represented by the color pink. He is bald and has a pink cigar and glasses. His primary ability knocking out NPCs with chloroform instantly if they aren't aware of you (a red ?). His secondary ability is that he can heal himself with med-packs quicker than any other class at 1 second, while other classes take 3 seconds. You can play with him from the start.


He seems to enjoy hurting people. He doesn't speak. He specialises in the use of chloroform. He has a brother, who is his polar opposite. Unfortunately, that's all everyone knows about him.

Gallery Edit


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