Casino De Monte Carlo is the fifteenth level in The Pickpocket's Story.

Objective Edit

The mother of all heists is but a moment away. Enter the Casino. READY?

Dialogue Edit

Locksmith: The big windows of our suite at the Hôtel de Paris...

Locksmith: ...Looked out over the water.

Locksmith: If you put a boat in the water and went straight you'd end up in Algeria.

Locksmith: But there was a little window in the bathroom...

Locksmith: That peeked out over the side entrance to the Casino.

Locksmith: THE Casino.

Locksmith: Maybe it was the Champagne...

Locksmith: But it sure seemed like everyone excused themselves to pee a lot that night.

Locksmith: No one was thinking about the promise of freedom that lay across the water.

Locksmith: And so wordlessly, we filed into the elevator...

Locksmith: And walked across the street to put all our chips on black.