Cache is the second mission in Fin, Act Four of Monaco.

Objective Edit

Retrieve the stash that's buried somewhere in the public gardens. READY?

Dialogue Edit

Voltaire: "They're leaving. They're finally leaving town."

Candide: "How do you know?"

Voltaire: "Do you believe in the law, Candide?"

Candide: "Of course I do."

Voltaire: "Men like you and me believe in an inherent moral balance. We have faith."

Voltaire: "These thieves don't believe in justice."

Voltaire: "Like rats aboard a ship... there is no justice, their lives are what they make of them."

Candide: "Do their motives really matter? We have enough on them to put them away."

Voltaire: "Motives are intentions. Intentions lead to plans. And if we know their plans..."

Voltaire: "..."

Voltaire: "The Lookout said that the Pickpocket was caught robbing tourists at the gardens. That is false."

Voltaire: "He was hiding his stash."

Voltaire: "They've gone back to retrieve it. And that's where we'll find them."