• Ironwestie


    January 10, 2016 by Ironwestie

    Despite Monaco being a brutal game with a high skill cap, many users have undertaken the practice of speed-running the game.

    In gaming, a speed run is a play-through in which the "runner" or player (there may be more than one runner in any given run) attempts to finish the game as fast as they can. This is usually achieved through lots of practice, including memorization of strategy and of paths to take. However, there are several different types of speed runs depending on the game. These range from completing the game with 100% completion, without glitches, or co-op (with more than one runner). Speedruns can also be segmented to show what the "perfect" run would be like. Human error and randomization within a game may heavily impact a run, thus…

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  • Tawksick99

    Will I leave?

    October 18, 2015 by Tawksick99

    Just to let you know I MIGHT leave! I used my older brother's account on Yahoo because I didn't want to use mine. If my older brother doesn't approve of this, then I will unfortunately leave. Don't worry, if he does approve, then I will keep my Monaco account! Thanks Wikia!!!!!!

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  • Getinoutrich

    Most Wanted Links

    September 10, 2014 by Getinoutrich

    I just added all of the most wanted pages with > 3 dead links. Also, tweaks of some random pages.

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  • Cometbright

    This Wikia has become pretty inactive but for the loyal people still going on this wiki I plan on adding all levels to wiki with dialogue, goals, classes and any important changes or info.

    Will try to get level map in but that can take a while to get for every one so for now don't expect any of those.

    Happy Heisting!

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  • TheBlueRogue

    As a part of Holiday Know Days, we are kicking off an exciting Community Choice Awards event for Gaming. The 2013 year has brought us plenty of amazing times, and now it's time to separate the best from the rest. The nominations for this year have been announced, and now it's to up to you, the users, to decide who comes out on top! We've got several categories, including Best Story, Best Setting, and Game of the Year!

    This year, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine has been nominated for Best Original Score. It's time to let the power of your vote be heard!

    Visit the Community Choice Awards Blog to vote! Be sure to vote in each category, click through them by hitting "Next" under each section! Some of these categories are not live yet, so be sure to che…

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  • Raylan13

    Sneak-peek Reviews

    March 5, 2013 by Raylan13

    As early as 2010 Monaco was winning awards when the concept was first introduced. Since then, three awards are already under its belt, and it has yet to be released. Those include the 2010 IGF Seumus McNally Grand Prize, the 2010 IGF Excellence in Design, and Destructoid's PAX Prime 2012 Winner. Check out the press links below to see what the buzz is all about:

    • Destructoid: Screenshots do not do it justice. Seeing this game in motion, with all of the vibrant colors being revealed as you navigate the map is truly a sight to behold.
    • makes Ocean's Eleven seem like a heist hatched by kindergarteners...Monaco provides a game that is all-round fun and full of thrills, and it should definitely be on your radar for this year for when …

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  • GameBoy14

    I just added a Tools page for the wiki. We are getting closer to where this Wikia needs to be!

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