800px-C1M04 Bank
Banque Albert is the fifth level in Campaign One of Monaco. It is preceded by The Lebanese Embassy and proceeded by Manoir Moucharder.


Rob a bank so that you can pay a smuggler for transport. READY?


Passports in hand, the Mole tells the group that he has a friend who can help them escape the authorities. When the Pickpocket says that it might be too great a cost, the Mole reminds him that there is a bank across the street and that criminals should do what they do best.

Pierre's letterEdit

Pierre appears on the level after apparently being fired since the events in Prison Break. He sits in a cubicle the bank on Street Level, typing another letter to his parents. As with his previous iteration, he will act as a normal civilian if he is alerted, but will return to type if he is calm. His letter reads:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Bad news. I got fired from my job at the prison after those thieves escaped. They acted like it was all my fault. "You were the night watchman," they said. "They must have walked right past you," they said. Yeah, well I'm not paid enough to look in every little nook and cranny when I hear something on a rainy night. Anyways, I'm happy to be leading a civilian life again. I had to go back to my old job at the bank. Even if I don't have a lot of job security here, At least I know the money is safe. Oh, and thanks for sending me the cash. I just deposited it in my savings account. I hope to buy that koi pond for my backyard soon. Give my love to Estelle.

Love, Your "civilian" son, Pierre

P.S. Send cheese!


The Mole: "Mole has friend that can help dirty criminals escape."

The Cleaner: "..."

The Mole: "Mole's friend has boat."

The Lookout: "Your friend can smuggle us out of the country?"

The Pickpocket: "We may not be able to afford that kind of service."

The Mole: "Doesn't matter. Bank across street. Bank has lots of money. Dirty criminals should act like dirty criminals."