After The Fire is the first level of the Fin campaign, the final story of Monaco. The story opens with Inspector Voltaire speaking with one of his constables, Candide. Candide informs him that the Locksmith, the Lookout, the Pickpocket, and the Hacker had snuck out of prison during the storm. Voltaire quickly hypothesizes that the thieves will go to the scene of an arson to clean up evidence.

Objective Edit

Retrieve the stash that's buried somewhere in the public gardens. READY?


After The Fire is one of the hardest levels in Monaco, as Fin is the final campaign and each level was intended to be about as hard as Identity. There are four floors, counting a helipad, starting at the Ground Floor, then moving up to the Apartments Floor. The final floor before the helipad is the burned-out Penthouse Floor, the scene of the Cleaner's arson from the night before.

Dialogue Edit

Voltaire: "They're leaving. They're finally leaving town."

Candide: "How do you know?"

Voltaire: "Do you believe in the law, Candide?"

Candide: "Of course I do."

Voltaire: "Men like you and me believe in an inherent moral balance. We have faith."

Voltaire: "These thieves don't believe in justice."

Voltaire: "Like rats aboard a ship... there is no justice, their lives are what they make of them."

Candide: "Do their motives matter? We have enough on them to put them away."

Voltaire: "Motives are intentions. Intentions lead to plans. And if we know their plans..."

Voltaire: "..."

Voltaire: "The Lookout said that the Pickpocket was caught robbing tourists at the gardens. That is false."

Voltaire: "He was hiding his stash."

Voltaire: "They've gone back to retrieve it. And that's where we'll find them."